Craftsmanship is part of the spirit of poverty in monastic life. A monk, through his work, is poor and puts his intelligence at the service of a work that is useful but also gratuitous and beautiful. We like to devote time to this humble and qualitative work, by which we cooperate with the gifts of Providence and manifest the very mystery of God. Through beauty, we discover that art can glorify the Creator. This dimension of work has an important place in our communities. It allows us to earn a living but also to develop an essential dimension of the human person, which allows the human person to flourish and be balanced. This division of our time between prayer, study and craftwork is important for our life.

The craftwork formation that is developing in the community takes into account the diversity of cultures, sensibilities and skills of each sister.

Calligraphy, icons, leatherwork and pottery, as well as candle making, liturgical vestments, carpentry, copperwork. So many opportunities to create, invent and participate in the praise of God!