The morning star is the first star to appear in the sky and announce the sunrise. It is the brightest of stars and gives courage to those who have been keeping vigil throughout the night. It manifests the victory of light over darkness. The Virgin Mary is truly this star which always guides us in hope. That is why we have chosen this name, with its roots in the tradition of the Church. Mary has always been invoked as a star—the litany in her honor speaks of the Star of the Sea and the Morning Star.

Our community wants to live from her motherhood and thus be rooted in the heart of the Church, in the shadow of all the saints who are also stars in the sky. We recognize Saint John, Saint Dominic, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint John Paul II and Saint Thomas Aquinas as our holy patrons.

Our religious life is similar to all other forms of monastic life. It consists of silence, the prayer of the Divine Office, manual labor and biblical, philosophical and theological studies. Prayer is the heart of our life, especially silent adoration. We also take care to ensure that this simple and authentic life assumes all the dimensions of the human person (work, friendship, freedom, responsibility, dialogue, listening, trust) and promotes their development.

For this, an integral formation of the person—on the human, intellectual and spiritual levels—is necessary. We wish to share this formation, as well as our life of prayer, with those who desire it. While maintaining a true cloister, we like to be able to offer hospitality to all whom the Lord sends us. Sometimes we lead moments of prayer outside our monasteries.

The celebration of the Eucharist is the culmination of our day, followed by a prolonged time of silent thanksgiving.

Manual work is also of great importance in our life. It allows us to earn a living and is an opportunity for us to witness to God through art, beauty and creativity, in a world where the religious and spiritual dimension are no longer given much consideration.

Another particular characteristic of our community is our missionary spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to live the commandment of love so dear to the Apostle Saint John, and to bear witness to it on all the continents.


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